Ahead of the live sold out ICW Fans Podcast at The Clutha Bar, Glasgow on Sunday 7th August we had a chat with the guys from the podcast- (Mark Omac, Gary Gallacher, Alan Russell, Calum Park, Andy O’Gormley) about the ICW Fans Podcast and all things ICW. Check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Icwfanpage/ and on Twitter at @icwfanspodcast . You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud https://m.soundcloud.com/icw-fans-pod-cast and iTunes https://itun.es/gb/oUy_ab.c
Tell us all about the podcast?

(MARK) I do it to give fans a direct voice to the wrestlers to ask questions, express thoughts and to allow the wrestlers to be in a relaxed setting to be in or out of character.

(GARY) The podcast is for fans to ask the wrestlers some questions they might not get to ask and find out about the wrestlers instead of seeing them at shows and acting in character.

(ALAN) The podcast is a chance for fans to ask the wrestlers a question they might not normally get to ask and learn more about them as a person rather the wrestler they portray. It’s great for hearing stories of on the road and how they got into the business, what inspired them and their views on wrestling.

(ANDY) Well the podcast started out from setting up the ICW fans page and using it as a platform for fans to get together and talk about shows.

What started the podcast?

(MARK) Andy & Gary!

(GARY) Well it started with me Andy and a guy called Craig, who started the page and then discussed the podcast. A few months went by we did a couple of Q&A’s with people and then finally started talking more about doing a podcast, we tested it out at Mark’s and the rest in history.

(ALAN) As from the answers given from the others the origin story of the podcast is known. For me I was not involved originally until I decided to make a logo for the guys just for a little fun. One thing led to another and badges were made for guests and then I designed the banners and announcement images you see now on the page. I guess you can say for me I officially joined the team just after Fear And Loathing VIII at the SECC.

(CALUM) Andy, Gary, myself and Mark were the Original guests….look what happened there.

(ANDY) Well at the time our friend Craig who went to shows with us stopped going due to personal reasons and we were looking for some people to do the podcast with and Mark was just coming home from London at the time after 10 long years. I had been telling him about ICW, how much he is going to love it when he gets back and i couldn’t start a podcast without one of my oldest friends and biggest wrestling fans i know. We knew Calum from going to shows together and we all have a close friendship, so it was only natural and you can say the rest is history. Also I forgot to mention Alan for all the work he does for us on the podcast, he joined us slightly later after we started the podcast and we would be lost with out him.

What’s been your highlights of recording the podcast?

(MARK) Getting smashed off my tits with NAK, then with Jen & Veronica and chilling with all the guys and girls who have been on. I can’t really pick a favourite and it’s not me being diplomatic. I’ve loved everyone!

(GARY) Highlights has been the whole thing with my brothers doing stuff we love, talking to people about wrestling. The whole thing has been amazing and every guest has been so amazing in their own way.

(ALAN) Getting to sit back and talk with the guests and hear the stories and their inspirations. Seeing what they are like out of the spotlight and as a person. I love the fans questions section as its always good to hear the answers.

(CALUM) All the insightful stories that each guest has to offer. It’s always going to go two ways, be highly informative or its gonna make you fall off your chair laughing.

(ANDY) My highlight so far has to be how amazing every guest we have had on has taken the time to sit with 4 daft wrestling fans, talk about the things they go through as wrestlers and being in the business its an absolutely amazing insite into the sport we all love.

Which episode has been your favourite?

(MARK) Hard to pick. I’m a Black Label boy, but I’ve had so much fun with everyone. Dallas in the asylum was awesome as it was outside my flat for a change.

(GARY) Favourite for me is a tough one as you know I’m a big NAK fan so both of them were amazing but so was Kenny and Red Lightning, since I’ve known Red since we were about 3. As I said above each have there good moments and a special part in the podcast.

(ALAN) The ones I have been apart of have all been great. I think I would need to pick at least two. The funniest I would say is the original NAK episode with Renfrew & BT, just the laughs and the answers were great. The most interesting for me is with The Owens twins. The stories of travel from the girls and where they all began to where they have been was so interesting to hear. Even finding out where the “Owens” name came from.

(CALUM) It’s far to difficult to choose a favourite! 

(ANDY) Well you see as i said in the last question its really hard to pick a favourite podcast. I have enjoyed them all but if i have to pick just one then it would always be the first pod cast with all 5 members of the NAK at the time, it was the first interview for them as a 5 person faction and being a NAK fan it was a night i will never forget.

Who would be your dream guest for the podcast?

(MARK) The entire Black Label. But I’m gonna go off ICW and say The Undertaker!

(GARY) Dream guests from ICW would be the Sumerian Death Squad, Tommy End and Michael Dante, I think that would be something special if we could get them on. Outside of ICW I would have to say Triple H, I would love to pick his brain and ask him loads of questions.

(ALAN) I would need to say Triple H. From reading the Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart books of what life was like in the federation years and what went on, I would love to hear from Triple H’s side of events and stories. He’s been part of so many amazing matches and events, to where he is at now would make for some interesting stories.

(CALUM) Rob Van Dam because it’s FUCKING Rob Van Dam!!

(ANDY) God (Mick Foley)….is there any other answer?

What’s been your favourite ICW match of 2016?

(MARK) Damo against Trent Seven!

(GARY) Damo vs Trent Seven, the action alone speaks for itself to be honest. But there has been a few contenders already but that tops it, what a explosive and exciting match.

(ALAN) Renfrew vs Grado at Square Go for the title. Seeing the story develop over the months and seeing the amount of heat that Grado was receiving as champion. He brought a more mature side of him that night and put it all on the line. I was one that was on the side giving Grado heat as a champ but by the end I respected Grado for his part in the match and the spots he took that was not regular for him. On the other hand I was overwhelmed that Renfrew had finally won what he deserved.

(CALUM) Renfrew vs Grado at the Square Go! Just because there was so much emotion throughout that entire match and how we all popped when Renfrew won the title! 

(ANDY) Fuck thats harder than picking my favourite podcast episode! But my favourite match this year is no other match but Chris Renfrew winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, as a NAK fan its something i had wanted to see for a very long time. Renfrew and Grado put on one of my favourite matches not just of 2016 but one of my favourite matches of all time. 

Who are your favourite ICW wrestler’s?

(MARK) Jack Jester, Drew Galloway and Red Lightning. All for various reasons that are real. I’m not just a Label fan for fun!

(GARY) For me it’s BT Gunn. I think he can do so much in the ring, his chops are insane and overall could probably match anyone toe to toe in that ring.

(ALAN) BT Gunn, his whole image and attitude is great. His wrestling style is endless, he can go into a match with anyone and adapt and put on a great show. I think also as well because he was in the main event of my first ICW show against Mikey Whiplash, that match itself was the selling point for me returning back for more.

(ANDY) Fuck sake I hate this question,but i’m going to say BT Gunn for his technical wrestling and has the chop of a fucking axe.

What’s been your favourite moment in ICW history?

(MARK) Andy getting booted in the face by Trent Seven or the Mick Foley reveal! Nah, the Wolfie, Stevie and Kay Lee Ray turn on the NAK to join the Black Label!!!

(GARY) Hands down Renfrew winning the title, it was the best moment since I have been going. I have seen the storyline from the rise of the NAK again to both Square Go cash in moments, it has just been so emotional to watch and just a great way to cap off an amazing few years for him with many more to come I think.

(ALAN) The announcement of Mick Foley coming to ICW. Just the way it was all done and that it was a huge name that personally I thought was completely unexpected. My reaction on camera from the event says it all.

(CALUM) Selling out the SECC and being front and centre for that show!! 

(ANDY) Far to many to mention.

What do you see in ICW’s future?

(MARK) Selling out the Hydro as a matter of course year on year, more international syndication and the rise of the Black Label!

(GARY) The world is the future for ICW. They keep getting told they would never do this and they do each year getting bigger and bigger and receiving more exposure. Yeah the world will be ICW’s oyster soon I think.

(ALAN) I can only see ICW grow from here. They have went to the Barrowlands and sold out, they have went to the SECC and sold out and I don’t see why the Hydro will be any different. They put on amazing shows with some of the best talent in the world and yet still keep grounded and close to their roots. It’s simple: Announce! Promote! Sell out! Repeat!

(CALUM) Magnificence. 

(ANDY) Well i hope to see it get the success and respect that it deserves, to stand next to some of the biggest brands in professional wrestling. ICW is not just some small company from Glasgow, they are representing Scotland on a global stage.

What is that you love about ICW?

(MARK) It’s Scottish. It’s my culture, my social references and it wasn’t supposed to be as big as it is and it will get bigger and BIGGER, we will be the number one country for wrestling. I believe that in my heart and in Dallas we trust!

(GARY) The wrestling, the storylines, the fans, the chants and the atmosphere. Everything about ICW you have to love, some you might not agree with at the time but looking back it makes sense.

(ALAN) The shows, the wrestlers, the fan interaction they have, the whole environment and atmosphere of it all. It being a great night out with my bros. Most of all though is you can hardly ever see anything coming! Wolfgang turn on NAK yes, Stevie and KLR, could not have dreamt that!

(CALUM) It’s home!

(ANDY) Fuck this interview is going to turn in to a novel. Anyway, what i love about ICW is the family I have gained from going to shows, not only that but we get together and watch some of best professional wrestling on the planet and who wouldn’t fuckin love that!!


Massive thanks to all the guys from ICW Fans Podcast for a great chat, be sure to check out the podcast and if your lucky enough to have a ticket for the live show enjoy!! Let us know what you thought of the interview on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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