We recently had the pleasure of having a chat with British wrestler Lucian Maynard Smith about his wrestling career and his love of the sport. You can find him on Facebook at 
When did you first get into wrestling and what got you into it as a fan?

My first exposure to wrestling was the old PS1 game WWF Warzone, where I remember playing it at a friend’s house. I decided to play as The Rock because I liked his name. I didn’t have satellite growing up, so I had a casual interest in wrestling during the Attitude era. It was around 2004 that I started to get into it more and the athleticism of guys like Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, as well as the showmanship of Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero and John Cena stood out to me.

Who was your favourite wrestler when you were young?

When I was a casual fan, I liked The Rock because of his name, entrance music and catchphrases.

What made you want to give it a go and become a wrestler?

I moved to New Zealand when I was 11 and in my teenage years, opportunities to go to live wrestling events were few and far between and there was no local wrestling scene unless you were in Auckland or Wellington. I attended a WWE live event in Christchurch in 2007 and it made me at least want to get into shape before I had the chance to give it a go.

Who trained you and how big an influence did they have on you?

I started training with Scottish Wrestling Entertainment in March 2009 at their training facility when it was based in Blairgowrie, Scotland . They gave me a start in wrestling and I wrestled for them until the end of 2012. June 2012 is when I started training with W3L in Kirkcaldy, Scotland and they gave me more of a chance to show out and learn from better travelled and more experienced wrestlers, which is a must if you are wanting to get better in this sport.

What is Lucian Maynard Smith all about?

A very, very, very proud Englishman hailing from Liverpool, the European Capital of Culture. He is very patriotic and preaches what he believes in with a holier than thou attitude.

Which companies do you wrestle for?

W3L, SSW and Showcase Wrestling.

What championships have you won?

Two time SWE Tag Team Champion with Kevin Williams.

What is your finisher?

Greetings From The House Of Smith (knee drop curb stomp).

What has been your greatest achievement in wrestling?

Wrestling World Of Sport legend Johnny Kidd at The Albert Halls in Stirling. Also, getting the opportunities to travel, see different places and experience different things from the norm.

Who has been the biggest influence on you as a wrestler?

Welsh wrestler Matt Vaughn was a tremendous influence early on in my career, along with current Discovery Wrestling broadcast analyst Darren T Goss, who helps me to this day and is not afraid to be totally honest with me. Taylor Bryden is another chap I admire for his honesty, as well as his leadership and helping with some of the nuts and bolts of my character early on. Euan G Mackie was my first opponent after I reinvented myself as Lucian Maynard Smith and has helped me along the way too (as well as us being the best unofficial tag team in W3L today!). Johnny Moss, Dean Allmark and John Kenny have been amazing when I have gone to their gyms to improve my craft and Joe E Legend is a portal of wrestling knowledge and know how. Danny Boy Rodgers, Kevin Williams, Mike Musso, Nathan Reynolds, Sara and Prince Ameen, amongst others are more people that have helped me in regards to varying aspects of this sport.

What kind of style do you wrestle?

A methodical, British style of wrestling with a bit of punch, kick, elbow and knee for good measure.

What should someone expect who has never seen a match of yours?

A call for the national anthem, telling people to be quiet, back rakes and cries of ‘Let There Be Smith.’

If anyone should check out one of your matches which should it be?

A match I was in against Firebird is on the W3L Network at Not every match out there features a ‘Charlie Brown’ chant, but this one does!

Who has been your favourite opponent you have faced?

It is a tie between BT Gunn and Falcon. Both men are guys I used to read about in the wrestling magazines back in 2007 and 2008. BT Gunn is generally great at what he does and Falcon was a good match for me with his contrasting style of wrestling.

Who would be your dream opponent past or present?

Out of UK-based wrestlers, James Mason. An advocate of the British wrestling style that I have been a fan of for years. Outside of the UK, John Cena, who has undoubtedly been ‘the man’ in WWE for over a decade.

Who do you think has a big future ahead of themselves in British wrestling?

Jason Reed, because of his personality, charisma and connection with the audience. Craig Stephens, for his strength, stamina and work ethic. Josh Terry from Johnny Moss’s school is also good, with a great blend of technical wrestling and high flying, as well as David Graves, who is making a name for himself in singles and tag team matches in Yorkshire and beyond.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at getting into the wrestling industry?

Do your research. Find a school/gym with a solid reputation and research how graduates from that school have advanced. When you’re in the industry, listen, learn, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. I should also mention that if you happen to be wrestling somewhere unique, like a famous city or remote location, take the time to take in and explore your surroundings and realise where you are, as they will be some of the fondest memories you will look back on once it’s all said and done.

What does wrestling mean to you?

Wrestling has made a tremendous impact on my life. It motivated me to start going to the gym and getting into shape after I left high school, where I was not interested in any sports aside from football. It has given me the opportunity to travel, meet new people, make new friends and meet people I would have never have expected to meet in life, such as British wrestling legends and former, as well as current WWE stars. I also believe that wrestling has helped me grow as a person and as a man, as there have been times where I have had to think on my feet at abrupt notice and been required to overcome varying circumstances. All in all, wrestling means a significant amount to me and I don’t see myself calling it a day anytime soon.

Massive thanks to Lucian for taking the time out to speak with us and answer our questions. Let us know what you thought of the interview on our Facebook page at



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