On Friday 19th August I attended my first GPWA Night At the Asylum show at The Asylum in Glasgow. I had seen the stars of GPWA before when they were at Alexandra Park last month and was impressed: if you have never visited the Asylum before I would highly recommend it as its a really impressive place and seems to be producing some top class wrestlers.

The opening contest saw the first coach v student match up as one of the biggest and most successful names in British wrestling, BT Gunn squared off against the debuting Michael Parks. To be fair to Parks he went to chop for chop with the man that Sabu had the hardest chops he had taken. This was a great opener with both men pulling off some heavy hitting offence and with Parks not looking out of place against Gunn. Even though BT Gunn came away with the win, Michael Parks should be proud of his debut for GPWA and I would love to see a rematch!!

The second match of the night saw GPWA trainer and ICW World Heavyweight Champion take on Jack Dillon. Wolfgang didn’t get his own way in this match as the smaller Dillon took the fight to him, coming off the top rope several times. Dillon had the crowd behind him for the majority of the match but this couldn’t help him gain the victory over Wolfgang, as the ICW World Heavyweight Champion came away with the win. Dillon looked good against the much bigger Wolfgang and look forward to seeing him again, as was impressed with what I saw from him.

Next up was a chance for The Purge to get some payback on The Rich Kids after a loss to Austin Osiris and Kyle Khaos in a six man at Night At The Asylum 4. The Rich Kids didn’t seem so keen on facing their opponents even offering them £1000 each to lay down for them. Once the action got underway both teams took the fight to one another. The Purge really impressed me, especially with their toasting powerbombs and they got their retribution gaining the pinfall victory, a post match beating ensured they left with payback served.

The ICW Zero-G Championship was on the line as champion Lionheart defended against the charismatic Ravie Davie. The champion had his hands full as the challenger shocked him by taking the fight to him and showing that he was a worthy contender for the title. Davie shocked everyone in attendance, myself included and Lionheart when he covered the champion and got the win via a quick three count from referee Thomas Kearins, after Lionheart got hands on with the referee. But Davie’s joy was short lived as Lionheart threatened to take out the referee if Ravie Davie didn’t hand him the belt back and the referee reverse the decision due to the fast count.

After the interval the familiar music of Jack Jester filled The Asylum, most were booing him out the building apart from a few visible Black Label fans ahead of his match against the debuting high flyer Dylan Angel. Jester dominated the majority of the match and showed why he is so important to the Black Label, but Angel fought back including connecting with a brilliant moonsault. But he could not find his way to victory over The Big Kink and ended his first night in The Asylum on the losing end.

Aaron Echo came out with with a determined look as he was set to take on GPWA trainer Kez Evans. These two men’s styles worked so well against one another in this great back and forth contest, with high flying moves and some big impact moves. Both men impressed me massively in this contest and put on a great match, this was the first time I had seen Evans and he looks like he has what it takes to go far in wrestling. It was the impressive Kez Evans who managed to grab the win and it was a much deserved win, which seemed to shock Aaron Echo. If you get the chance to see Kez Evans wrestle don’t miss out on the opportunity as he is one to watch.

If the last match was good a clash of styles this next match followed suit and worked superbly. As the high flying luchador Soldato faced off against the aggressive Irving Garrett. Soldato had the majority of the sold out crowd behind him and entertained them with plenty of high risk offence, but I was more impressed with Garrett’s hard hitting and great submissions. Soldato came close on many occasions to gaining the victory but the brutal no nonsense style of Garrett overcame him and he fell to the man who impressed me most of all the wrestlers I saw in The Asylum. I loved Irving Garrett’s throwback style and he has gained an instant fan in myself, I will definitely be following him so I can catch another match of his as soon as possible.

Night At The Asylum 5’s main event saw The Handsome Man’s Club, CS Rose and The Sam Barbour Experience, take on Joe Coffey and his surprise partner after the unfortunate absence of Noam Dar, his brother Mark Coffey. The Handsome Man’s Club had me in stitches as they came to the ring decked in camouflage and a toy gun stuck to a selfie stick, while Edwin Starr’s War was echoing around The Asylum. It was great to once again see the Coffey Brothers reunite as a team and they picked up where they left off, working together brilliantly. The Handsome Man’s Club also worked well as a team isolating Mark in their corner and keeping Joe out of the ring for long periods of the match, but it was the reunited Coffey’s who got the win with a lariat and forearm. The Handsome Man’s Club were brilliant though and kept the crowd entertained at all times, I don’t think it will be long until we see this team on bigger shows throughout the UK.

For my first GPWA show I was not disappointed with what I saw and thoroughly enjoyed myself, it’s safe to say I will definitely be returning to The Asylum. I think my match of the night was Aaron Echo V Kez Evans and my wrestler of the night was the super impressive Irving Garrett. 

You can check out GPWA’s shows on demand at find them on Twitter at @GPWAsylum and Facebook at . Let us know what you thought of the show over on our Facebook page at



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