August’s Ultimate Wrestle Crate was as brilliant as ever and full of some great wrestling stuff. If you want to get on board and subscribe then head to their website http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk and check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WrestleCrateUK/ and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK

The first pieces of swag out this months crate were a Roman Reigns themed coaster with a fist which looks as if it’s preparing for a Superman Punch and a badge with “Network And Chill” in a love hearts sweet style, which I think is a wrestling fans version of “Netflix and chill”. Pretty sure if I asked my girlfriend if she wants to “Network And Chill” she would tell me to Network and leave.

There’s three things that bring the geek out of me and that’s Wrestling, Comics and old school arcade games. So the A To Z Of Gimmick Matches comic book from the guys at Wrestling Arcade is a win all round for me. The images are in old school gaming 16-bit style and look so awesome it’s hard to put in words, so check their videos out on Twitter at @WrestlingArcade and their website http://www.wrestlingarcade.com. It details matches including Ladder War, No Rope Barb-Wire Match, Pig Pen Match and Anus Explosion Death Match.

This months first DVD was The Best Leicester Championship Wrestling Volume 1. This is one thing I love about Wrestle Crate, finding new wrestling that I’ve never seen before and this one doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. I’m really looking forward to seeing Xander Cooper Vs Joseph Conners on this DVD, Conners is a really impressive wrestler and is on my must watch list of wrestlers. Also a standout on the Best Of is the LCW Tag Team Title Ladder Match between Marc Massa & CY Gregory Vs The Hunter Brothers, mainly because who doesn’t love a ladder match and the Hunter Brothers really made a good impression when I saw them on CHIKARA’s Anniversario show’s in the UK.

The second DVD this month continued Wrestle Crate’s gift of Ring Of Honor’s Anniversary shows and this months DVD was this years 14th Anniversary show from Las Vegas. The card on February 14th was a beauty as are most Ring Of Honor cards, highlights of this show were Kazuchika Okada Vs Moose, Ishii Vs Roderick Strong Vs Bobby Fish for the TV Title and Jay Lethal defending the World Title against both Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole…..BayBay!! (Just had to say that) Here’s hoping this relationship the guys at Wrestle Crate have with ROH long continues, as Ring Of Honor have long been one of my favourite promotions.

This months exclusive artwork was from artist Erle Tompkins and of D-X member Billy Gunn, with his famous line “…We Got Two Words For Ya!” included and is also signed by the man himself. This makes me glad I didn’t purchase a photo of Billy when I met him in July at Pro Wrestling Elite, as this looks freakin Bad Ass!! To be fair as is all the artwork I have by Erle, a seriously amazing artist to be fair. You can purchase more artwork at https://society6.com/erletompkins.

This months first tshirt out of the crate is a homage to Lucha Libre with a bright orange image of two luchador’s going at it. This is a great shirt as without Lucha Libre there probably wouldn’t be so much great wrestling around today. I love the Mexican feel to the print on the shirt, I am hoping to catch some Lucha live and think think this tshirt would be a must wear for a show including masked warriors.

To end this months review and last item out of the crate was the first item in the new partnership between Wrestle Crate and PROGRESS Wrestling. The shirt is an absolute beauty and as with all PROGRESS shirts is stupidly unique and awesome, with the main focus being the PROGRESS logo in the centre in all its glory. I think this partnership is a brilliant idea on both parts as its giving PROGRESS the chance to gain new fans each month and will help one of the best promotions in the world grow bigger and bigger. If you like the look of this shirt then check the rest of their merchandise out at http://www.progresswrestling.com and follow them on Twitter at @ThisIs_Progress


Well Wrestle Crate you’ve blown my bloody mind yet again with your crate of awesomeness!! If you haven’t already joined the party then what are you doing? Join up now!! Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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