September’s Ultimate Wrestle Crate would take something special to beat last months but it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. If you want to get on board and subscribe then head to their website http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk and check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WrestleCrateUK/ and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK
First out of this month’s crate was an absolute beauty, a Funko Pop Vinyl figure of the legendary WWE Hall Of Famer The Ultimate Warrior!! I’m a massive collector of Funko Pop figures and have a fair few WWE figures, this figure is great and the paint work is class with the vibrant coloured face paint on show. The uniqueness of these figures is great as there really is nothing else quite like them out there and offer a good alternative to WWE action figures. This will look great on my shelves next to Macho Man, Undertaker and Roddy Piper.

Next out was the second of the coasters that are exclusive to Wrestle Crate, this months had Seth Rollins executing the curb stomp on what looks like Neville or strangely a little bit like Kenny Omega. In my opinion this is the better of the two so far, mainly because I’m a Seth Rollins fan.

This month included 2 signed prints, the first being of British wrestler HT Drake and an advert for Absolute Wrestling on the back. I’ve seen a few of Drakes matches and he has impressed me each time and this print will go brilliantly with my ever growing collection of signed wrestling memorabilia.

The second of this months prints is a great piece of artwork, capturing Jack Gallagher in all his extraordinary glory. The artwork is a Wrestle Crate exclusive created by the talented Tommy Cooper and has Gallagher in the centre with a bright coloured Union Jack behind him. After seeing him in person and watching in awe on the Cruiserweight Classic, this is a must have item and a great way to pay homage to one of the modern greats of British wrestling. All the best in WWE Mr Gallagher!!

Speaking of The Extraordinary Gentleman, we were treated to Wrestle Crate exclusive DVD dedicated to the man himself. A collection of his best matches from North Western promotion FutureShock Wrestling. The 2 hour set includes matches against the likes of Cyanide, Uhaa Nation (Apollo Crews), James Drake and one of his biggest rivals in FutureShock Zack Gibson. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Gallagher Vs Gibson in person and can’t wait to see them cross paths on this DVD. Really am loving how Wrestle Crate are working with British promotions and long may it continue.

Another WWE book was in this months crate, this one being a sticker book with over 1000 stickers. Not sure whether to put the stickers in the book or leave them as they are. Was never the best at sticking stickers in a book, 9 out of 10 ended up crooked or with creases when I was youngster. Not sure my mum would be too impressed if I turned up asking her to stick them in for me now. 

This months exclusive t-shirt is another cracker from the Wrestle Crate guys as always. This one dedicated to NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, with “Strong Style” on the front with a crown above the words. Not to sure what the Japanese writing is on the front but it adds a nice touch to the shirt. Strangely I like this more than the WWE Nakamura shirts that I have put off buying, glad I waited as this is awesome. 

The last item out of the crate was the second unique item from the partnership between Wrestle Crate and PROGRESS Wrestling, this months was a DVD entitled PROGRESS Pick:2015. This DVD is great for new and old fans of PROGRESS with some awesome matches. Including Zack Gibson Vs Morgan Webster in the final of the Natural Progression Series, Zack Sabre Jr Vs Will Ospreay and the brilliant PROGRESS Title match between Jimmy Havoc and Will Ospreay. If you’ve never seen PROGRESS before this as a brilliant way to get involved and also inside the DVD there is a code to get a free month to Demand PROGRESS, where you can see all their past shows.

Yet again another awesome crate this month, more amazing and unique wrestling merchandise from the guys at Wrestle Crate. If you haven’t joined up yet, do it now!! Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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