We recently had a chat with one half of the WXW Tag Team Champions David Starr. Follow him on social media on Twitter at @TheProductDS and on Facebook at
When did you first start watching wrestling?

I was 5 years old watching Wrestlemania 12.

Who were your favourite wrestlers when you started watching?

Superstar Billy Graham because he was so different than anyone else. I loved his charisma and everything was larger than life.

What made you want to become a wrestler?

The CM Punk “Pipebomb Promo” made me fall in love with it all over again. That pushed me over the top that I was definitely going to start training.

Who were your trainers?

Samu Anoa’i, Tommy Suede, DJ Hyde, Drew Gulak and MASADA.

What companies have you wrestler for?

A bunch haha. I currently consistently work for Combat Zone Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Xperience, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, WXW and a bunch of others.

What is your finishing move?

A trapped arm German suplex I call “Product Placement”.

Who has been your favourite person you’ve met in the ring so far?

I’ve been fortunate to make many good friends in this business. My JML brothers are the first that come to mind.

Who has been the biggest influence on your wrestling career?

I’ve always loved to study Flair, HBK and Jericho.

What is David Starr all about?

David Starr is all about taunts. I love athletes that talk the talk and walk the walk. I’m here to show I can do the exact same.

If you could face any wrestler past or present who would it be?

Ric Flair because he’s the best ever.

What has been your greatest achievement in wrestling so far? 

I honestly have no idea. I’m just working to continue to improve and be able to support myself through wrestling.

What are you looking forward to in the remainder of 2016?

My second European tour and making debuts at some pretty cool places.

What do you think of the current independent wrestling scene?

It’s amazing with some of the best wrestlers in the world.

What should someone who has never seen a David Starr match expect?

Expect to watch someone who is working his ass off to make sure the paying customer is entertained.

What does wrestling mean to you? 

It gives me purpose.

Massive thanks to David for taking the time out to have a chat with us. Let us know what you thought of the interview over on our Facebook page at


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