It’s been a while since WWE released a set on the Viper but it was well worth the wait as this near 6 hour long collection covers Randy’s whole career from OVW to now. This DVD shows and proves why “The Apex Predator” really is one of the greatest superstars to ever step inside a WWE ring. Randy Orton has been one of WWE’s most consistent, popular and dangerous superstars of the last 15 years, winning a huge number of championships and headlining multiple WrestleMania’s.

The DVD goes from Orton starting out in Ohio Valley Wrestling including a match against Johnny Spade in 2000 and also “The Prototype” John Cena, with a heel Cena on display. This match was great to see as we all know Cena and Orton went on to have one of the greatest rivalries in modern WWE history, you could even see they still use some of the moves from 15 years ago today. I had never seen any OVW so this was a great inclusion in my opinion and great to see two of WWE’s biggest superstars before they had graced the WWE screens.
From OVW we then get to see his WWE debut on Smackdown in 2002 against Hardcore Holly and then receiving his first shot at WWE gold just weeks into his WWE career against The Undertaker for the Undisputed Title. It’s awesome hearing Randy talk us through each moment in his career and how highly he speaks of the wrestlers who helped him develop his career and he really does help the DVD flow together brilliantly. With superstars such as Taker, Chris Jericho, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Triple H helping him become the wrestler he is today. It’s also good to hear his views on other wrestlers in the ring, for example how he didn’t really think much of The Hardyz as singles wrestlers. He also briefly admits that he used get away with a lot of things that he really shouldn’t have done.
Talking of Flair and Triple H, focus switches to cover what many say helped thrust Randy into the limelight… Evolution. One of the big things I liked on this DVD is the inclusion of dark matches that were before or after Raw and Smackdown tapings. There’s something I really like about watching wrestling with no commentary, the dark match against Triple H was a great addition with Randy saying he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for Triple H, as he learnt so much from The Game working alongside him and also against him. 
We then see him evolve into the Legend Killer, taking on WWE legends such as Edge and Shawn Michaels. With him taking on HBK in a match at Survivor Series 2007 where Sweet Chin Music was banned. From Legend Killer to The Viper with matches against CM Punk in a last man standing match and Tables, Ladders and Chairs match against John Cena. 
There’s some rivalries and matches included that I had totally forgot about and it was awesome to remember these moments and relive them. The feud between Randy and Jeff Hardy was one of these and there match at the Royal Rumble in 2008 was a beauty. It’s great that WWE have included the obvious matches you would expect but sometimes it’s the hidden gems that catch you by surprise. But my personal favourite was Orton’s match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31, just the shear beauty of seeing the curb stomp into the RKO was an amazing sight to behold. 
Randy goes in depth about his relationship with working with John Cena as they came through together and their careers have kind of ran side by side, starting in OVW and their multiple World Title matches. He also talk highly of current superstars that he has enjoyed working with such as Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, Cesaro and Kevin Owens. 
If you are a Randy Orton fan or not, this set will have you hooked from beginning to end and give you a look into the Vipers career and views of backstage stories and opinions. It’s great to see a different side of Randy and he really does make it easy viewing with his story telling between matches. There are plenty of RKO’s outta nowhere in this essential collection from one of the greatest superstars in WWE history. 
What’s next for The Viper? There’s plenty of stars on the current roster that Randy is yet to face off against in the squared circle and could there be another WWE Title reign in the third generation superstars future….

Randy Orton – RKO Outta Nowhere is released on November 14th and is available over at http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/ where you can get 10% off when you buy any 3 titles, plus free delivery in the U.K. on all orders over £30. 


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