For nearly 30 years, both WWE Superstars and fans alike begin their Road To Wrestlemania at the Royal Rumble! An over the top rope free for all battle wheee the winner is given a one way ticket to the Showcase Of The Immortals. For the first time ever, WWE brings you behind the scenes to get the unique story of the monumental January event from those who created it and the Superstars who have competed in the Royal Rumble match. 

This set is presented really well with the back story following the lead up to and the Royal Rumble from this year. Each segment flowing into one another with comments from current and past WWE Superstars including WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson, the man who created the Royal Rumble back in 1988 and the man who won that match in 1988 Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

One of the many great parts of the blu-ray was some of facts and stats such as Ric Flair winning the first Rumble match for the WWE Title and then Triple H in 2016, the first year that the winner went to the main event at Wrestlemania was 1993, 13 Rumble winners have gone on to win the WWE Title, Kane has eliminated the most superstars at 42 and Roman Reigns the most in one match with 12.

It also brought back some great memories of things I had forgotten about like Goldust and Razor Ramon battling due to Goldust’s obsession with the Bad Guy going to far in 1996, Triple H and Cactus Jack’s barbaric street fight from 2000, Maven throwing The Undertaker over the top rope, China being the first woman to ever participate in a Rumble and who can forget Kofi Kingston’s many crazy ways of keeping himself in Royal Rumble matches.

We also get to see some of the more controversial moments on Royal Rumble history like Roman getting booed out the building in 2015, in 1995 only one of Shawn Michaels feet hitting the floor with the British Bulldog unaware, Bret Hart and Lex Luger hitting floor at same time in 1994 and the controversy between The Rock and Big Show when Rocks feet hit the floor first but still won the match. Who can forget in 2005 when Vince restarted the Rumble and ripped both quad muscles in doing so.

This blu-ray set doesn’t just focus on the Rumble matches, it includes some amazing matches from the undercard too. Some of the standouts being The Rockers V The Orient Express, Sycho Sid V Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle V Tazz, CM Punk V The Rock to just name a few and also some awesome Blu-ray exclusive content that is equally impressive.

The Royal Rumble is arguably WWE’s greatest ever creation, one of the most exciting matches to ever take place inside a WWE ring and the all important starting point on the Road To Wrestlemana. For new and long time fans alike the Blu-ray set is a fascinating and important look at one of sports entertainments greats ever stories! 

The True Story Of The Royal Rumble is released on December 5th and will be available over at http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/ where you can get 10% off when you buy any 3 titles, plus free delivery in the U.K. on all orders over £30. 


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