So I received an early Christmas present thanks to December’s Ultimate Wrestle Crate and what a present it was. If you haven’t subscribed then what are you playing at head to their website http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk and check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WrestleCrateUK/ and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK
It’s fair to say I love a good woolly hat and Wrestle Crate have added another beauty to my collection, I love the link to one of the t-shirts from last month’s Ultimate Crate with the word Puroresu and Japanese symbols meaning “professional wrestling”. For once I am glad it’s freezing outside so I can wear this without looking like a fool in warm weather. Fair play Wrestle Crate it really is like you have known me all my life!!

And the next item out further supported that they know me so well as I also bloody love Mr Jimmy Havoc, so this months t-shirt is an awesome gift. With Jimmy’s face with his mask on in the middle look as sadistic as ever in black and red and his name also. The red and black instantly screams Havoc and if you own one of these exclusive t-shirts you are in a very lucky select group, wear it with pride. I can safely say this may be my new most worn shirt that I own, holy crap Wrestle Crate you are my heroes.

The great start to this months crate continued with an awesome signed print of the the one and only Honky Tonk Man, by that man Erle again who is slowly becoming my favourite artist as his pieces just look so unique and really capture the wrestling in all their iconic glory. He really does capture the Honky Tonk Man in all his cool, cocky and bad awesomeness!! Think I may have to track down Erle so I can get him to sign this piece of art as it is pretty damn awesome to say the least.

I had seen some rumblings online about a new book called The War To Settle The Score, so to receive one of their stupidly unique prints in this months crate is awesome. To make it even better I got a print of my favourite wrestler ever’s brother, The Genius. Looking at this image and the other bits that I have seen online I think I may have to make the most of the discount you get with the image on purchasing the book as it looks like a really good piece of wrestling memorabilia. 

Next out was a card with a free download of Australian promotion Melbourne City Wrestling’s Best Of 2016. I have never seen any of their shows but have heard some really great stuff about MCW and I’m always open to checking out new wrestling so this is a great addition to the crate.

A new exclusive collectible which is amazing was out next, a badge of one of Ric Flair’s famous robes with Woo on the back!! If you think wrestling then Flair is one of the first names you think of. I’m intrigued that it says 1 in a series of 4 and really can’t wait for the next 3 as the first is a real beauty and will make any jacket look instantly better by adding this badge. 

Next out is something that I can see me annoying my girlfriend with lots, a clipboard with ‘You just made the list’ on the back! I don’t think I want to put this down already so that I can emulate the awesomeness that is Y2J by adding plenty of stupid idiots to the list on his behalf….you dig? The Wrestle Crate guys really are ending 2016 with a bang and this clipboard is freaking amazing!!

The collaboration with one of the best wrestling promotions in the UK, PROGRESS Wrestling continued this month with another cracking DVD this time with the pick of 2014. To be fair the matches on this set are 5 beauties featuring El Ligero, Michael Gilbert, Rampage Brown, Noam Dar, Will Ospreay and Samoa Joe. You will struggle to find a better DVD to watch and is a great introduction to the marvellous world of PROGRESS Wrestling. My personal favourite match on the DVD is from the PROGRESS World Cup between Jimmy Havoc and Prince Devitt, I won’t spoil it for you as it is a must watch.

So we come to final item out of a Wrestle Crate in 2016 and it really does end the year on a high and will take us in to 2017 literally. It is a collaboration with Oli Sandler from The Ringside Perspective with a brilliant 2017 calendar, the photographs that adorn this calendar are breathtaking and capture each wrestler superbly. With each month featuring a different wrestler, one being lucky enough to get a Tag Team, it could well be the best calendar that will be on walls next year. 


So that was 2016 and what a year of Wrestle Crate’s we have had, if 2016 was anything to go by then we are in for treat in 2017. Thanks to the guys at Wrestle Crate and long may it continue. Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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