British wrestling is going through some sort of a boom period and has grabbed the attention of the world and it really is a great time to be a British wrestling fan. Not only do we have some of the best talents from all over the world coming to our shores to compete but we have some amazing British wrestlers that are some of the best wrestlers in the world. 

The following that British wrestling has is phenomenal and the fans are very loyal to British wrestling, we decided to speak to some of the fans of some of the British wrestling promotions to find out what being a fan of their favourite promotions like Discovery Wrestling in Edinburgh, means to them. 
We spoke to Charlie Banks, Derek Gifford and Craig Gordon about why they are fans of Discovery Wrestling and what they love about it. 

So, what first drew you to watch Discovery Wrestling? 

CHARLIE- One of my friends told me that Disco were having Tommy Dreamer on one of their shows and I went to check it out and was instantly hooked.
DEREK- What drew me to Discovery Wrestling is the talent that was there and the fact it was really local. Seeing people like Joe Coffey, Tommaso Ciampa, Colt Cabana come to Edinburgh is amazing as I don’t get to go places often.

CRAIG- I saw the advert for it on Facebook and thought it would be great to head to with it being not far from me.

If someone has never seen Discovery Wrestling before what should they expect?
CHARLIE – I think they should expect a quality show, with a real family atmosphere.
DEREK- When someone comes to a Disco show, they should expect a very good time with amazing people in the crowd and amazing people putting on a totally astonishing show for us fans. 
CRAIG- Some great family action and a warm welcome from the Disco crew and the other fans.

What was the first Discovery Wrestling show you attended? 
CHARLIE- My first discovery show was February 2016, the Tommy Dreamer and Grado show. 
DEREK- The first Disco show I attended was in 2015 with the Young Bucks. As a massive fan of the Young Bucks it drew me in instantly and ever since, I’ve been a fan of the promotion and everyone in it. 
CRAIG- The Debut Show At Meadowbank. Cryme Tyme Vs Joe Hendry & Marty Scurll and Chris Sabin was in action.

Who is your favourite Discovery Wrestling wrestler and why? 
CHARLIE- My favourite Discovery wrestler is Mark Coffey, because he is an all round great wrestler and will make it far in Discovery.
DEREK- My favourite wrestler from Discovery Wrestling is none other than the Y Division Champion, Lewis Girvan. I don’t know what it is about him, he draws me in more than any other wrestler. Deserving to be the champion.
CRAIG- Hard choice as so many good wrestlers on the roster. But my favourite has to be the current Y-Division champion, Lewis Girvan. Great competitor and has defended the belt well against all comers.

Which Discovery Wrestling show would you recommend to anyone that hasn’t seen Discovery before to get them started? 
CHARLIE- The show from July 2016, With Chris Hero vs Joe Coffey being the main event. It was a great show and the main event was one of my favourite matches from 2016.
DEREK- The Discovery Wrestling event I would recommend to a person who hasn’t seen Discovery Wrestling before is the September 2016 event with Tomasso Ciampa. It was probably the best event I have been to with Discovery Wrestling and that was just for the crowd alone, the wrestling was some of the best I have ever seen and I am glad I was front row to see it. 
CRAIG- All of them as there is so much great action on their cards and the guests they bring in are amazing.

Who is the most valuable wrestler in Discovery Wrestling? 
CHARLIE- I think the most valuable is either Joe Coffey or Dave Conrad. I think they will both make it extremely far in the business and have been two of my favourite wrestlers for a long time.
DEREK- Dave Conrad. After being mentored by Big Damo then turning on him and making him leave Discovery Wrestling, he is on a hot streak and it’s so early in his career that he can be a future champion some day. That to me makes him valuable. Lewis Girvan and Joe Coffey are also valuable wrestlers.
CRAIG- Joe Coffey for me as he has been a mainstay alongside Lewis Girvan and he gives so much in his matches and to the fans.

What has been your favourite match in Discovery? 
CHARLIE- Joe Coffey vs Tomasso Ciampa, from September 2016. The match was easily a 5 star match and shows how good both competitors actually are. I would suggest anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch it. 

DEREK- My favourite match in Discovery has to be Joe Coffey vs Tomasso Ciampa. It wasn’t just even how good both of them are, it’s the in-ring chemistry they share that made it special. 
CRAIG- Jay Lethal Vs Joe Coffey for the ROH Title or Joe Coffey Vs Chris Hero 2. Both matches were great as one was the first time the ROH world title was to be defended in Scotland.The match itself was back and forward and full of action. The Hero match was so good that Hero avenged his loss and I hope we get a decider.

What is the atmosphere like at a Discovery show? 
CHARLIE- I think the atmosphere is electric. Its always a great crowd, with no bother between fans. I love going to the shows.
DEREK- I can only describe it in one word AMAZING. You can go to a WWE show and it doesn’t compare to the atmosphere at a local show. The chat, the chants and the wrestlers… even just everybody, it is honestly amazing. 
CRAIG- The atmosphere is amazing at a show. A great variety of age groups of people come. Great chants and the banter with the wrestlers is amazing.

What would be your dream match to see in an Discovery ring? 
CHARLIE- Easy, Joe Coffey vs Cody Rhodes. I think they are two of the best in the world and I think the match would be incredible.
DEREK- A dream match I would LOVE to see in a Disco ring is Joe Coffey vs Kurt Angle. We saw it at ICW but we need it in Edinburgh, seeing it live would just be insane. Two of my favourites in one ring is just mind-blowing. 
CRAIG- Adam Cole Vs Lewis Girvan, ROH Title Vs Y-Division Title.

What is it about Discovery that makes you keep following them? 
CHARLIE- The wrestlers and the shows they put out. The announcement of The Elite coming to Disco is unbelievable and I think all credit should go to Alan Smith and Alex Fowlis.
DEREK- The talent and the people. I’ve met some of the best people while chatting with them at Discovery Wrestling events and I’ve seen some of the best matches I have ever seen too. The fact that it is local adds to it also. 
CRAIG- The events they put on and using the same venues that have made them the company they are today. Also the wrestlers who are there help to keep you coming back.

Describe Discovery Wrestling in three words?
CHARLIE- Fun, Friendly, Great.
DEREK- The three words I would use are “Best Times Ever”.
CRAIG- Crazy,Fun,Unique.

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling? 

CHARLIE- I think the British scene is the best in the world. You just have to look at companies like ICW and PROGRESS who are producing huge shows. Companies like Discovery and RevPro aren’t too far behind them. I’m excited for whats to come this year!
DEREK- As a whole it is getting better and stronger, with the WWE taking a massive interest in our companies and even hosting a tournament showcasing some of the UK’s best talent. The state of it couldn’t be better. I see a bright future for British wrestling.
CRAIG- UK Wrestling is brilliant at the moment, so many amazing organisations up and down the UK including PROGRESS, Southside and Kamikaze-Pro who continue to put on amazing shows all year. That’s why the big boys come to see us and want us for their company.


If you want to find out more about Discovery Wrestling then follow them on Twitter at @DiscoWrestling and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryWrestling/

You can catch Discovery Wrestling at the Jam House, Edinburgh on 5th March and on 12th April at Edinburgh Corn Exchange.



  1. Darren Crocker

    I love Discovery Wrestling! Although I believe you nabbed one of my own pictures from my own WordPress site (reviewing Discovery no less). Would have been nice of you to ask. Also, I would have happily contributed to your article being that I have been to all of the shows bar one.



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