We recently had a chat with the head of the House Of Saynt, Scottish wrestler Christopher Saynt. Find him on Twitter at @PatriarchSaynt and on Facebook at
What first drew you to wrestling?

What first drew me to wrestling was the whole pageantry of it. Larger than life characters and hard hitting action. From the first match I saw (Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio on Smackdown) and I was hooked.

What made you want to become a professional wrestler?

Their were a few reasons, it was a challenge in my life that I wanted to overcome and succeed at, prove many people wrong that said I couldn’t do it. 

Who was your favourite wrestler and why?

My favourite is Ric Flair, he is to me what a wrestler should be. He walks, talks and lives life as a champion and that’s what I want to be within my wrestling career. Him and obviously Sensational Sherri is my hero for everything she is and was in the wrestling industry.

What is your wrestling style?

I love a good brawl, at the end of the day we’re in there having a fight so why not just punch a guy in the face! 

For people that aren’t aware what is the House Of Saynt?

The House of Saynt is something I created to give people a platform to showcase themselves! Both within the wrestling and drag worlds. Also bringing those worlds together with the queens coming to the ring with me and us hosting the drag shows. It’s a whole load of cultures thrown together in one wonderful mess. 

What has been your proudest achievement as a wrestler?

My proudest achievement in wrestling was bringing the House Of Saynt into the wrestling world. When we arrived at the O2 Academy in Glasgow and the reception we got was overwhelming and has grown in popularity and it’s not even close to stopping.

Who has been your favourite opponent in the ring and why?

My favourite opponent is Lewis Girvan, we bring out the best and worst in each other. We throw everything we have at each other and it brings out our most horrid sides. We have battled across the country and swapped wins, done terrible things to each other and shared some amazing moments together. 

On the flip side who would be your dream opponent and why? 

My dream opponent can be covered in different ways. From the past it would be Ric Flair for obvious reasons and from the current era my dream opponent would Brian Kenderick as I think our styles would gel together well and we could have a hell of a match. 

If you could chose anyone to become a member of The House Of Saynt who would you pick?

We would love to have someone like Iestyn Rees. He is star in the making and we want to help him get to that point. 

What promotions can fans see you wrestle for?

They can see me at Insane Championship Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling and Source Wrestling. 

What’s the best advise you’ve been given in wrestling?

Got to a reputable school and take on board everything they say. Not everyone is made to wrestle and it takes a lot of hard work to get to the ring. 

What does wrestling mean to you?

It’s a legacy I can create to leave for the future generations of my family and the House of Saynt to build they’re legacies on. Wrestling is my passion and the hard work I’ve put in i hope one day sets examples for the future generations.

Massive thanks to Christopher for taking the time out to have a chat with us, let us know what you thought of the interview over on the Facebook page at



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