We recently had a chat with one third of the South Pacific Power Trip Dahlia Black about all things wrestling!! Check her out on Twitter at @blahliadack and on Facebook at
What first got you into professional wrestling?

My older brother was very much obsessed with WWE when we were younger and because he had television rights I had no other choice but to watch Raw and SmackDown re-runs after school. When he was old enough he started training with a wrestling school which was close to where we lived in New Zealand. After a while he asked me if i wanted to come train, I have a Musical Theatre and gymnastics background so I thought “why not!?” That was when I was 17 and now I’m 23 living half way across the world perusing a career in it. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

I met my partner TK Cooper while training in New Zealand and he has had a huge influence on myself and mainly my drive. I never saw this as a career that I could really make something of myself with, but his passion was infectious and suddenly I wanted to be on that main stage with him and doing what ever it takes to get there. 

What is the professional wrestling scene back in your native New Zealand? 

New Zealand is a very quiet country in general, we only have a population of 4 million which means our wrestling fanbase is very small compared to a country like England. WWE is very popular amongst the younger generations but we don’t have a huge independent wrestling scene so there are only a few companies which run shows and only once a month. I would train 2-3 times a week and would only be able to wrestle once a month and that was only if I was booked. That definitly doesn’t mean the quality of our shows weren’t any good, they were really amazing and the crowds were small but they really got into it. 

What has been your biggest achievement to date in wrestling?

Our main goal for our two year trip (our visa only lets us live and work in the UK for two years) was to be on a PROGRESS Chapter show. We managed to get in to train with them and quickly made quite impression it seems. I debuted on my first chapter show within 6 months of being here and TK shortly after in Super Strong Style 16 which is their biggest event. After that we had to set new goals and I once again reached mine when I landed a WWE tryout in Scotland at the end of last year. 

How would you describe your wrestling style?

I like to think I’m quite an agile wrestler, I’m working on more flips and tricks so one day I can confidently call myself a high flyer, but for now I think my fighting style is very much strike based, and I love my combinations. 

In PROGRESS Wrestling you are one third of the South Pacific Power Trip, what’s it like being part of that team?

I’ve known Travis for 6 years, even before I started wrestling, Very much an older brother to me. As for TK, he is the love of my life and I can’t explain how amazing it is to be storming the UK with both of them at my side. The only thing greater than seeing your peers succeeding, is being a part of that success and experiencing it together. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation and we all are making the most of it. 

What do you think of the current state of women’s wrestling?

Woman’s wrestling is slowly receiving the recognition it deserves. I say slowly only because there has been a few set backs here and there, but women like Jinny, Polly, Nixon and so many more have made waves which can’t be ignored. I was never a fan of the over sexualised state of wrestling which the attitude era thrusted on fans back then and it seems as if some people never grew out of it, but they are the minority now and most companies won’t tolerate it anymore which only proves that the fans are much more respective and supportive of female wrestling. 

What has been your favourite match you have had?

My entire feud with Pollyanna was so enjoyable, every match was my new favourite match and it does sadden me to see her off the scene but I have a feeling she will be back and I’ll be the first inline for a rematch. Polly pushed me so far, I had no idea I was capable of half of the things I did until I met her. She challenged me to the absolute maximum and I can only hope I had the same effect on her. 

Who would be your dream opponent, past or present? 

TK and I do an intergender tag team shtick, and have always discussed how amazing it would be to go up against Candice Lerae and Joey Ryan “Worlds Cutest Tag Team”. I’ve always worshipped Lerae and how incredible her ring work is, I feel like this would be a match-up made in heaven. 

What is the best advice you have been given in wrestling?

A very wise man from NZ once told me “Don’t be shit”.

What promotions can fans catch you wrestling at?
You’ll find me mostly at Progress, But I do pop up here and there, Follow me on my Facebook and twitter /Blahliadack @blahliadack to keep and eye on where I am next.

Want to thank Dahlia massively for answering our questions, a really great interview. Let us know what you thought of the interview over on the Facebook page at

Monotone pictures by Nash Photography 


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