We recently had a chat with the man helping spearhead the wrestling scene in New Zealand, SPW Heavyweight Champion, British Wrestler Hooligan Marcus Kool. Find him on Twitter at @MarcusKool , on Facebook at and be sure not check out Southern Pro Wrestling NZ at
What first got you into professional wrestling?

Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart was my first memory of Wrestling, I was drawn to him as a kid. However when I was going into my teenage years the storyline and double turn with him and Austin had me hooked for life. Stone Cold Steve Austin will always be the main reason I kept on watching and got so emotionally invested.

I recently watched the SPW documentary on demand which was awesome, do you think it will bring you more international fans?

Thanks man! We hope so, that was certainly the intention haha! It’s hard to stand out these days as their is so much out there at the press of a button. But I thought the Documentary aspect was something that isn’t done enough, and is actually something that a wider audience is interested in also. It’s a great way to get fans invested in your product and the people involved before even seeing a live show.

How did you come about starting SPW?

I was getting frustrated with the quality and professionalism of the New Zealand scene, myself and co-promoter Troy both wanted to put out a product that had top production, high quality, experience and a great environment for aspiring wrestlers in New Zealand to be a part of and be proud of. It took some time and a lot of time/money investment, but thankfully, it is paying off in a huge way!

What is the wrestling scene like in New Zealand?

Like any scene their are positives and negatives. But let’s focus on the positives, the country is full of talent considering the size and population, look at the list of names currently out their doing huge things: Travis Banks, Evie, TK Cooper, Dahlia Black, Jay White, Henare, Bad Luck Fale and Bea Priestley just to name a few. They cover WWE, NJPW, ROH, Progress – all top companies worldwide.  There are tons more where that came from too. SPW has taken off in a huge way and we are getting big returning crowds, so we must be doing something right!

What has been the proudest achievement in your wrestling career?

Managing to stay married and keeping a happy relationship with the wife!? 

Who has been your favourite opponent?

Always a hard question as I have learnt so much from so many different people. But myself and co-promoter Troy who works under ‘Powerhouse’ T-Rex just have that special something. We always seem to gel so well and every match we have I enjoy so much. We both don’t like doing anything crazy, we just are always on the same page with what story we want to tell and how to get the most out of certain moments.

On the other hand who would be your dream opponent?

I want to keep this one on the NZ Scene so you don’t get an obvious answer (Austin). But I reckon myself and Travis Banks would be a special little something…

How would you describe your style of wrestling?

I like to adapt to every opponent and incorporate how a Hooligan would react against their particular character. But as a Hooligan I have to be and am, aggressive, hard hitting and intense. I was trained in British World of Sport and my favourite wrestler is Steve Austin, put that together…?

Being a fellow Brit, what do you think of the current state of British wrestling? 

Man I am so happy and proud of where the British Scene is currently at. One of the main reasons I left the UK is because I honestly never thought wrestling would take me anywhere, especially in England. Being my size and where the business was at back then, I tried to be realistic and chase other dreams I had. I’m so happy to be proven wrong. The focus is where it should of always been, on the British Talent! Create your own brand and personality as a promotion, spend some money on marketing! That is now being done…and bloody well, clearly!  I have so many friends that I was Wrestling on shows with that had 100-200 people in the crowd, and they deserved so much more, for them to be getting that now, and to be given a platform to show what they have been doing for the past 10 years, is awesome to see.

What is the best advice you have been given in wrestling?

Best advice is to ask for advice, ask for criticism. You will never improve without it. It may be right or it may be wrong but take it on board, wrestling in art form, create your own art.

What does professional wrestling mean to you? 

Wow, I’ve never been asked that! I don’t even know! I love it so much, there is nothing like it in the world. I could not live without it…

Huge thanks to Marcus for taking his time out to have a chat with us, it is massively appreciated. Let us know what you thought of the interview over on the Facebook page at


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