With WWE inducting Diamond Dallas Page into their Hall Of Fame this year, they have released an amazing DVD set detailing the life and career of the master of the Diamond Cutter.

I have been a big Diamond Dallas Page fan for a long time and thought I was pretty clued up on most things DDP, but then Diamond Dallas Page : Positively Living came on my screen and found out so much more than I thought I knew. 

The DVD starts from the beginning with DDP telling stories from the days he used to work nightclubs, including wrestlers in the 80’s becoming regulars in his nightclub which happened to give him his foot into the door of professional wrestling. Was really cool to see some of the tapes DDP sent to wrestling companies and his tryout for an announcer , including lots of never before seen stuff from his early career.

Some of the stars that talk well of DDP is like a who’s who of professional wrestling with Scott Hall, Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Michael Hayes to name a few telling stories about DDP. From the comments from these stars it does come across that Page is genuinely a great guy and has helped out so many people be that by getting them over in the business or even in their personal lives such as Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

The highlight of the main DVD show is when DDP achieved the greatest thing a wrestler can achieve and became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and is amazing to see how much it meant to him to reach that goal as it is when he got to where he always wanted to be the WWE. It’s amazing to hear from the man himself what he had to do and go through to reach these amazing goals that he achieved and what he really thought of the stalker angle with The Undertaker. 

A great piece of the DVD is when you get to see into what went into DDP Yoga and the great work Page has done to help lots of people maintain and get back to good health, it’s amazing to see him now helping out people and how he’s continued after life inside the ring. A truly special moment is a phone call between Diamond Dallas Page and Triple H when DDP finds out he’s going into the WWE Hall Of Fame, a truly emotional moment. 

Great match highlights include DDP against Eddie Guerrero, Page versus Randy Savage, a four corners match against Hogan, Flair and Sting for the WCW World Title, my personal favourite against Raven and achieving his dream in his match at WrestleMania X8 against Christian. 

Whether your a massive Diamond Dallas Page fan or wanting to know more about the soon to be WWE Hall Of Famer then this DVD is perfect for everyone as there is plenty of new stuff to find out about the man for new and old fans to get stuck into and lots of great matches to enjoy from the man behind the Diamond Cutter’s amazing storied career. 

Diamond Dallas Page : Positively Living is released on March 27th and is available over at where you can get 10% off when you buy any 3 titles, plus free delivery in the U.K. on all orders over £30. 



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