Wrestle Crate have done it yet again with this months Ultimate Wrestle Crate, full of some awesome exclusive items. Not subscribed yet? Then be sure to get over to their website http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk and check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WrestleCrateUK/ and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK
The first item out of June’s Crate was an amazing collaboration with one of the best wrestling groups in pro wrestling, a pin badge of the logo of RingKampf. Consisting of wrestling greats Axel Deiter Jr, Walter, Timothy Thatcher and Axel Tischer (NXT’s Alexander Wolff), RingKampf is an awesome brand and the logo is iconic. The pin badge is going to look amazing on my jacket.

Next out was a sticker that is in homage to the dive rant on Twitter, with a wrestler doing a top rope dive in the centre and the words “Dives makes me feel Randy” around it. Yet another item from Wrestle Crate that is up to date with what’s happening in the world of wrestling at the moment.

This months DVD is a beauty, “I am the mod, the very best of Flash Morgan Webster” a set full of some of his best matches to date including greats against Mike Bird, Pete Dunne, Wild Boar, Tommy End and my favourite match on the set against Zack Gibson in the final of PROGRESS NPS Series. Flash is one of the hottest stars in the UK at the moment and this DVD really does show you just how good he is. Also included is a second disc that has the documentary made during his comeback from his injury last year, which having seen it is a great piece and shows what a great guy Flash truly is.

Included this month was a flyer with download for for the documentary Wrestling School about the Santino Bro’s wrestling academy, following the trainees at the school as they try to achieve their dreams to become pro wrestlers. I’ve not really heard much about this but from what I have seen it’s worth a watch and I look forward to watching the documentary.

Next out of this months crate was an amazingly coloured print of South African sensation and Lucha Underground wrestler Angelico. The print is a great piece with the vibrant green colour and the image of Angelico in his SPLX hat standing out in front of the writing. To make this even more awesome it is signed by Angelico making it truly more unique. 

We were treated to something I love and this will go greatly with ones I already have, a patch of the Dallas Sportatorium where the Von Erichs put on World Class. It is the same design that was on one of my favourite shirts that Wrestle Crate have made and is going to look amazing sewn on to my jacket along with my other patches. Not just a great patch but also a great show of respect to one of the great eras in professional wrestling.

This months first shirt out of the crate is dedicated to the amazing undefeated streak of the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka which has now surpassed that of Goldberg. The shirt as a nice steel blue colour with a crisp white print on of Asuka in the middle and some Japanese words in the background and above her brightly coloured green and pink hair the word “Unbeatable”. With Asuka being one of if not the best women’s wrestler today this tshirt is going to be worn a lot as I’ve been a fan since she first showed up in NXT and can’t wait to see what’s next for her. 

A poster tube inside the crate held a great poster of one of the best wrestlers on the planet, AJ Styles! It has a black,white and grey drawing of Styles bursting from the print with splashes of blue and white around him. The words “I am phenomenal” across the front couldn’t describe him superbly as his wrestling really is phenomenal!! 

A second item of Flash Morgan Webster was next out and this time it was a brilliant print of Flash in his Union Jack jacket and his scooter helmet in hand stood under a street sign for Malice being 450 miles away in a nice touch to his road back to Malice. The print has classic British look to it and captures Flash’s character superbly and to top it all off its signed by Mr Webster making the piece all that bit better. Wrestle Crate you have tore it apart…..

The final item out of June’s Crate was a cracker and an item that is just too sweet, a Kenny Omega shirt!! The shirt has a similar picture of Kenny on it as the badge from last months crate which looks stupidly amazing on this shirt in black print atop the white shirt, the red writing with his name adds a great touch. Just as he is touted as one of the best wrestlers in the world this shirt is one of the best shirts I own and one I will be wearing as much as I physically can. Hats off Wrestle Crate!!


From the first item to the last this Crate was truly epic, was not disappointed at all. Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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