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Wrestle Crate have done it yet again with this months Ultimate Wrestle Crate, full of some awesome exclusive items. Not subscribed yet? Then be sure to get over to their website and check out their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK
The first item out of June’s Crate was an amazing collaboration with one of the best wrestling groups in pro wrestling, a pin badge of the logo of RingKampf. Consisting of wrestling greats Axel Deiter Jr, Walter, Timothy Thatcher and Axel Tischer (NXT’s Alexander Wolff), RingKampf is an awesome brand and the logo is iconic. The pin badge is going to look amazing on my jacket.

Next out was a sticker that is in homage to the dive rant on Twitter, with a wrestler doing a top rope dive in the centre and the words “Dives makes me feel Randy” around it. Yet another item from Wrestle Crate that is up to date with what’s happening in the world of wrestling at the moment.

This months DVD is a beauty, “I am the mod, the very best of Flash Morgan Webster” a set full of some of his best matches to date including greats against Mike Bird, Pete Dunne, Wild Boar, Tommy End and my favourite match on the set against Zack Gibson in the final of PROGRESS NPS Series. Flash is one of the hottest stars in the UK at the moment and this DVD really does show you just how good he is. Also included is a second disc that has the documentary made during his comeback from his injury last year, which having seen it is a great piece and shows what a great guy Flash truly is.

Included this month was a flyer with download for for the documentary Wrestling School about the Santino Bro’s wrestling academy, following the trainees at the school as they try to achieve their dreams to become pro wrestlers. I’ve not really heard much about this but from what I have seen it’s worth a watch and I look forward to watching the documentary.

Next out of this months crate was an amazingly coloured print of South African sensation and Lucha Underground wrestler Angelico. The print is a great piece with the vibrant green colour and the image of Angelico in his SPLX hat standing out in front of the writing. To make this even more awesome it is signed by Angelico making it truly more unique. 

We were treated to something I love and this will go greatly with ones I already have, a patch of the Dallas Sportatorium where the Von Erichs put on World Class. It is the same design that was on one of my favourite shirts that Wrestle Crate have made and is going to look amazing sewn on to my jacket along with my other patches. Not just a great patch but also a great show of respect to one of the great eras in professional wrestling.

This months first shirt out of the crate is dedicated to the amazing undefeated streak of the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka which has now surpassed that of Goldberg. The shirt as a nice steel blue colour with a crisp white print on of Asuka in the middle and some Japanese words in the background and above her brightly coloured green and pink hair the word “Unbeatable”. With Asuka being one of if not the best women’s wrestler today this tshirt is going to be worn a lot as I’ve been a fan since she first showed up in NXT and can’t wait to see what’s next for her. 

A poster tube inside the crate held a great poster of one of the best wrestlers on the planet, AJ Styles! It has a black,white and grey drawing of Styles bursting from the print with splashes of blue and white around him. The words “I am phenomenal” across the front couldn’t describe him superbly as his wrestling really is phenomenal!! 

A second item of Flash Morgan Webster was next out and this time it was a brilliant print of Flash in his Union Jack jacket and his scooter helmet in hand stood under a street sign for Malice being 450 miles away in a nice touch to his road back to Malice. The print has classic British look to it and captures Flash’s character superbly and to top it all off its signed by Mr Webster making the piece all that bit better. Wrestle Crate you have tore it apart…..

The final item out of June’s Crate was a cracker and an item that is just too sweet, a Kenny Omega shirt!! The shirt has a similar picture of Kenny on it as the badge from last months crate which looks stupidly amazing on this shirt in black print atop the white shirt, the red writing with his name adds a great touch. Just as he is touted as one of the best wrestlers in the world this shirt is one of the best shirts I own and one I will be wearing as much as I physically can. Hats off Wrestle Crate!!


From the first item to the last this Crate was truly epic, was not disappointed at all. Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at



Wrestle Crate brings us another brilliant Crate with May’s Ultimate Wrestle Crate and it’s safe to say they impressed as ever. Not subscribed yet? Then be sure to get over to their website and check out their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK
The first item out of this months crate was in tribute to a chant that happened during the Raw after WrestleMania this year, a inflatable beachball with “BeachballMania” printed on it. Wonder how many of these will make it to a WWE live show or even next years WreslteMania?  

Next out was this months first DVD, the third and final DVD in the Wrestling World Championships series including PCW, CZW, WXW and Beyond Wrestling. I haven’t watched the other 2 discs yet as was waiting to have all 3 so I can binge watch them all in a day. Can’t wait to watch them now and I’m sure I will be blown away by the awesome dream matches that the shows put on.

The next thing that I got my hands on is something that will give me the chance to view something I have wanted to see more of, a trial for WXW NOW which is the on demand service for German promotion WXW. They are one of the biggest promotions in Europe and have been putting on some awesome shows over then years and home to stars such as Axel Deiter Jr, June Simmons, Bad Bones and Big Daddy Walter. I will definitely be getting my fill of WXW now before there show in London in October.

As I opened a brown box inside my crate I came across a mug but not the kind Sha Samuels talks about, a mug combining two things I love wrestling and cats!! The mug has a feline version of former WWE Champion Randy Orton on with the name Randy Pawton above it, must admit I did laugh a bit when I saw this haha. Yet another super unique item from the people at Wrestle Crate.

Next out was a set of postcards featuring what was possibly the most surprising thing to happen in British wrestling and maybe even wrestling in general this year, Kota Ibushi shooting fireworks stood atop of Jimmy Havoc’s car at an XWA show. The images on the postcards by Beyond Gorilla are a great quality and capture the moment superbly, I’m not sure whether to send these to somebody or to put them in a frame and show them off in my home.

This month we were treated to a copy of the issue 23 Of Calling Spots magazine, this issue has an interview with Marty Scurll, articles about Paige, Big Damo and also an interview with former WWE star Ryback. Then magazine not only has some amazing articles but also some equally great artwork and as I’ve been reading the magazine since issue 1 you will not be disappointed if this is your first copy of Calling Spots. 

This months crate included yet another exclusive pin badge and I honestly think it’s their best yet. This pin badge is a collaboration with The Cleaner Kenny Omega, Kenny looks amazing on the badge and it really is a testament to Wrestle Crates hard-work when one of the best wrestlers on the planet collaborates with them on such a brilliant item. This is going to look awesome on my jacket, thanks once again Wrestle Crate.

A second DVD was in this months Ultimate Crate and is from the amazing Irish promotion OTT, it is their show Invasion Supershow and it truly is a super show with wrestlers such as Zack Sabre Jr, Marty Scurll, Pete Dunne, Jigsaw and Tyler Bate on the card. The match I am most looking forward to watching is War Machine vs Kings Of The North as this really does have brutal written all over it!! I can see this DVD making me want to make the trip across the Irish Sea to get too an OTT show even more.

This months t-shirt was another cracker, a shirt in honour of the King Of The Cruiserweights Neville. I’m my opinion it is better than any WWE shirt that they have released for Neville and will look awesome at any WWE show. The black shirt with purple and white print is a great look and really does show that Wrestle Crate know what they are doing when it come to designing wrestling shirts.

The final thing out of this months packed Crate is amazing, a signed print by three of British wrestlings biggest stars at the moment British Strong Style. Tyler, Pete and Trent look great in this photo with all three looking super dapper and ready for a fight. It follows on from last months amazing BSS shirt and would look bloody awesome framed on the wall!!


What a crate that was, talk about being full of awesome wrestling swag! Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at


Apologies for being a bit late, but…… here we countdown what were in my opinion the Top 10 matches from the month of April 2017. Some great matches took place this past month and we can only hope there continues to be more amazing matches.  

10. Sanity V Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot, Kassius Ohno (NXT Takeover Orlando)

9. AJ Styles V Sami Zayn V Baron Corbin (WWE Smackdown 11/4/17)

8. Chris Jericho V Kevin Owens (WWE WrestleMania 33)

7. AJ Styles V Baron Corbin (WWE Smackdown 25/4/17)

6. Kazuchika Okada V Katsuyori Shibata (NJPW Sakura Genesis)

5. Adam Cole V Marty Scurll (ROH Supercard Of Honor XI)

4. Polo Promotions V War Machine (ICW Barramania 3)’s-cut/61519

3. British Strong Style V Ring Kampf (PROGRESS Chapter 47: Complicated Simplicity)

2. DIY V Authors Of Pain V The Revival (NXT Takeover Orlando)

1. The Hardys V The Young Bucks (ROH Supercard Of Honor XI)


Let us know what you thought of our Top 10 and what were your favourite matches from April 2017 over on our Facebook page at


Wrestle Crate brings us a cracking Crate with April’s Ultimate Wrestle Crate and it yet again blew me away as each item came out. Not subscribed yet? Then be sure to get over to their website and check out their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK
The first item out of April’s Crate was a sheet of brightly coloured wrestling themed stickers which seem to be inspired by WrestleMania 33. The stickers are truly unique and super eye catching with stickers including Ravishing Rick Rude, Undertaker, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bayley and Teddy Long. They would look amazing on a note book, laptop or just inject a new burst of colour to your home. 

The next item out is bottle open which would be perfect to crack open a cerveza while watching some Mexican Lucha Libre. It has a classic look to it complete with a superb luchadore on it. 

We were treated to a free download of The best of SPW 2016 from New Zealand company SPW. Having seen some of their shows online I would highly recommend this as a great way of getting into a new promotion. 

This months first DVD was a introduction DVD to the amazing Canadian promotion Smash Wrestling with some of the best matches from the past 6 months including wrestlers such as Tyson Dux, Cody Rhodes, Rosemary, Allie, Mike Bailey, Mark Haskins but the match I’m most looking forward to seeing is Tarik Vs Zack Sabre Jr. If you’ve not seen any Smash Wrestling before the this is the perfect DVD for you as it shows you what they are all about. 

The fourth and final pin badge of the Wrestle Crate exclusive series is an absolute cracker, its in tribute to the man they call Sting. With a scorpion in the background with the words “The Icon”. This set of badges are amazing and so glad I now have the complete set just need to find the perfect jacket/hoody for them all to go on.

In this months crate a copy of a book form the guys over at the awesome Total Wrestling magazine titled “The Best Of The Digital Years: Volume 1”. To be fair it looks a great read and can’t wait to get stuck into it, including are articles about such greats of the business like Kurt Angle, Jake Roberts and Bret Hart and also many British wrestlers. I am a huge fan of printed wrestling magazines so am massively looking forward to reading this book.

This months second DVD is part two of the three DVD’s of the Wrestling World Championships from PCW, CZW, WXW and Beyond Wrestling. If the first show was anything to go by the this one is going to be awesome. It’s DVD’s like this which make Wrestle Crate so great as not only do you get to see some amazing wrestling but also find some wrestlers you may yet to have seen. 

The penultimate item from April’s Crate was a cracker, a signed print of one of the hottest talents on the planet today Penta El Zero M (Pentagon Jr). It captures him looking his sinister best and with his iconic cero miedo hand gesture. Now I have this signed print it’s made me want to see him wrestle in person even more.

The last item out of this months crate is this months exclusive t-shirt and in my opinion one of the best shirts that Wrestle Crate have made, a British Strong Style shirt!! With Trent Seven, Pete Dunne and WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate on the front it is a great shirt and I can’t wait to wear it at Source Wrestling next week. Hats off to the guys at Wrestle Crate as they really did smash it out of the park with this t-shirt. 


Well what an cracking Crate that was and has got me chomping at the bit for next months crate. Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at


Here we countdown what were in my opinion the Top 10 matches from the month of March 2017. Some great matches took place this past month and we can only hope there continues to be more amazing matches. 
10.TK Cooper V Matt Riddle (PROGRESS Wrestling Freedom’s Road 5)

9.Oney Lorcan V Andrade Cien Almas (WWE NXT 22/3/17)

8.TJ Perkins V Akira Tozawa V Austin Aries V Brian Kendrick V Tony Nese (WWE 205 Live 14/3/17)

7.Marty Scurll V Lio Rush (ROH 15th Anniversary)

6.Drew Galloway V Will Ospreay (WCPW Exit Wounds)

5.Broken Hardys V Young Bucks V Rappongi Vice (ROH 15th Anniversary)

4.British Strong Style V South Pacific Power Trip (PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 45- Galvanize)

3.Pete Dunne V Jimmy Havoc (PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 45- Galvanize)

2.Matt Riddle V Walter (PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 46 – I Like To Chill Out Here And Shoot Some Dinosaurs)

1.Mark Haskins V Axel Deiter Jr (PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 46 – I Like To Chill Out Here And Shoot Some Dinosaurs)

Let us know what you thought of our Top 10 and what were your favourite matches from March 2017 over on our Facebook page at


Wrestle Crate continues it’s amazing run with March’s Ultimate Wrestle Crate and it yet again impressed me as each item came out. Not subscribed yet? Then be sure to get over to their website and check out their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK

March’s first item out was a really unique one, a white piggy bank with “Here comes the money, wrestling obsession funds” on the side. I’m looking forward to starting to fill it up with money so I can attend even more wrestling shows and get me some more merch. This is just one of the ever growing list of unique one off items that Wrestle Crate have treated us to and is up there with the best of them. 

Next out of the crate was the first of two DVD’s we were treated to, this DVD was from Pro Wrestling Chaos is a sit down chat with Chris Hero and also included his two matches against Eddie Dennis. Being a big Hero fan I can’t wait to watch this and find out more about the man and some of the stories from his great career. The added bonus of two matches between Hero and Dennis is awesome as with both guys you are going to get great matches but against each other will be something very special.

Wrestle Crate teamed up with Canadian promotion Smash Wrestling to give us a free download of their show from January 23rd Any Given Saturday. I have seen some Smash Wrestling before when they did their shows with PROGRESS Wrestling and they have some great wrestlers, the match I’m most looking forward to seeing on the card is the Smash Wrestling title match between Tarik and Tyson Dux.

This months t-shirt is a tribute to the great Mexican tradition of masked Lucha Libre, with a mask in the colours of the Mexican flag in the centre. The design looks like it could easily be a tattoo in homage to a favourite luchador. 

This month we were treated to another amazing Funko Pop Vinyl Figure, the figure is of the first ever NXT Champion and former WWE Champion Seth Rollins. The figure looks amazing and captures Seth superbly and is going to look class with the rest of my collection of Funko Pop figures. Massive thanks to the guys at Wrestle Crate for helping my collection grow, one very happy subscriber right here!!

The second DVD out of the crate is from last years Wrestling World Championships series of shows from PCW, CZW, WXW and Beyond Wrestling. I was really happy when I found this DVD as I really wanted to attend one of the shows in person. The DVD features some amazing names from the world of wrestling such as Da Mack, Tracy Williams, Axel Dieter Jr, Martin Kirby, AR Fix and David Starr to just name a few. If you have never seen any of the four promotions then this DVD is a perfect way to get into them.

The last item out of this months crate is awesome a signed photo of possibly one of the hottest talents in the world at the moment, British wrestler The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne!! The photo comes from the amazing Turning Face and captures Dunne superbly and just oozes nasty!! 


Well what an amazing Crate that was and has got me excited for next months crate already. Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at


With WWE inducting Diamond Dallas Page into their Hall Of Fame this year, they have released an amazing DVD set detailing the life and career of the master of the Diamond Cutter.

I have been a big Diamond Dallas Page fan for a long time and thought I was pretty clued up on most things DDP, but then Diamond Dallas Page : Positively Living came on my screen and found out so much more than I thought I knew. 

The DVD starts from the beginning with DDP telling stories from the days he used to work nightclubs, including wrestlers in the 80’s becoming regulars in his nightclub which happened to give him his foot into the door of professional wrestling. Was really cool to see some of the tapes DDP sent to wrestling companies and his tryout for an announcer , including lots of never before seen stuff from his early career.

Some of the stars that talk well of DDP is like a who’s who of professional wrestling with Scott Hall, Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Michael Hayes to name a few telling stories about DDP. From the comments from these stars it does come across that Page is genuinely a great guy and has helped out so many people be that by getting them over in the business or even in their personal lives such as Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

The highlight of the main DVD show is when DDP achieved the greatest thing a wrestler can achieve and became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and is amazing to see how much it meant to him to reach that goal as it is when he got to where he always wanted to be the WWE. It’s amazing to hear from the man himself what he had to do and go through to reach these amazing goals that he achieved and what he really thought of the stalker angle with The Undertaker. 

A great piece of the DVD is when you get to see into what went into DDP Yoga and the great work Page has done to help lots of people maintain and get back to good health, it’s amazing to see him now helping out people and how he’s continued after life inside the ring. A truly special moment is a phone call between Diamond Dallas Page and Triple H when DDP finds out he’s going into the WWE Hall Of Fame, a truly emotional moment. 

Great match highlights include DDP against Eddie Guerrero, Page versus Randy Savage, a four corners match against Hogan, Flair and Sting for the WCW World Title, my personal favourite against Raven and achieving his dream in his match at WrestleMania X8 against Christian. 

Whether your a massive Diamond Dallas Page fan or wanting to know more about the soon to be WWE Hall Of Famer then this DVD is perfect for everyone as there is plenty of new stuff to find out about the man for new and old fans to get stuck into and lots of great matches to enjoy from the man behind the Diamond Cutter’s amazing storied career. 

Diamond Dallas Page : Positively Living is released on March 27th and is available over at where you can get 10% off when you buy any 3 titles, plus free delivery in the U.K. on all orders over £30.